Tools and ready-made animations for Adobe After Effects.

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Hand crafted with love for animation. From the most popular to the ones you seldom see on your screen. Brought to life using only Adobe After Effects Shape layers and hundreds of hours of animation magic.


Tilda is an After Effects script that can turn any shape path into animated waves.


Have you ever wanted to add that “glare sweep” effect to your design? Sweet Glares lets you add exactly that effect to any object in one click.


A script panel for After Effects which creates typing animation of the text and of the keyboard that types it.


Hello. I'm Quis, an author on and creator of This site was created with one simple goal in mind: provide unique and quality animation materials for all motion lovers out there, whether it's scripts for Adobe After Effects or ready-made animations that anyone can use. Anything that can solve complex tasks, ideally, in one click.

Why is it named Motion Princess? Well, what are the first assosiations you have when someone says Ā«animationĀ»? For me, that would be fairy tales and fantasy worlds. So I wanted a name from somewhere far away, from a fantasy world.


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