Animated emoji created with love for animation. All animations were created using Shape Layers inside Adobe After Effects. Renders with alpha channel included. Every animation loops seamlessly.


Created with love.

Perfectionist approach and love for animation live at the heart of this project.



Buttery-smooth movement at 60 fps or more than 60 in the .aep project.

Skin Tones.

All human emoji have 6 different skin tones.

All emoji with skin tones.

Shape Layers.

All animations are created using only After Effects shape layers, which means it’s vector graphics, which means the animations can be scaled to any size.

Seamless Loop.

There are three things you can watch forever: water, fire and looped animation.

Different Formats.


For: All Browsers

Resolution: 300 x 300px

FPS: 24

Background: White


For: Video Editing

Resolution: 500 x 500px

FPS: 24

Background: Alpha Channel


Will you be adding new animated emoji in the future?

Yes. From time to time I'll be releasing new animations. The current number of emoji is the result of updates over the last 4 years. Enter your email address in the form below to be notified when an update is released.

Can you create custom emoji animations?

Usually the answer is no. I prefer to only work on those emoji that I find interesting to animate and I create them exclusively for this project.

Can you add *name* emoji?

Maybe! Any suggestions to add a particular emoji to this project are welcome. But only those emoji that have the potential for an interesting animation will be added.

Animated Emoji


An archive with all animations in .gif, .mov and .aep formats.

The .aep project allows you to make any changes to the animations and render them in any resolution.

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