Good to know

How to use .AEP files:

  1. Import the .aep file into your project.
  2. Inside the imported project find and open the composition named “Preview (copy from here)” with a single layer inside.
  3. Copy this layer into your composition. By default, the animation is looped using the “Time Remap” property on the layer.
  4. Optionally, double click the layer to access its source composition and make changes to the animation.

How to change skin tone:

(Applies only for .AEP files and only if the animation supports skin tones)

  1. Find and open the comp named “Preview (copy from here)” with a single layer inside.
  2. Double click this layer to open its source composition.
  3. Inside the opened composition find the layer named “Skin Tone”.
  4. Select the layer and go to the “Effect Controls” panel.
  5. On the “Effect Controls” panel use the drop-down menu to select a skin tone.