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Text & Keyboards is a script for Adobe After Effects that can quickly create animations of typed text, create and animate keyboards and automatically add sound effects.

The examples were created using only Text & Keyboards script. Everything, including sound effects, can be created in under 1 minute.


Create Typing Text layer from the panel or convert existing text layers. Control the speed and duration of typing using keyframes. The text can be typed and removed, all using one property.


Create a keyboard using basic presets and settings. You can even turn off specific areas of the keyboard. Try it!








Typing Keys

Navigation Keys

Top Row

Numeric Keypad

Text Styling.

Typing text is a very basic animation in Ae. Adding a cursor to that typing is not so basic. With Text & Keyboards you can add a cursor with no work at all, even if the text layer has multiple lines and styles. The shape and color of the cursor can be easily changed, or you can even replace it with your own layer.

Keyboard Styling.

After you’ve created a keyboard, you can change pretty much everything. All changes happen live, with no need to recreate the keyboard. Use these parameters to create your own unique keyboard.

Keyboard Size

Change width and height of the keyboard.

Keyboard Scale

Change the size of the keyboard without changing its aspect ratio.

Keyboard Margins

Set the empty space around the edges of the keyboard.

Buttons Margins

Set the empty space between buttons.

Buttons Roundness

Corners go round.

Buttons Stroke Width

Create visual space that separates buttons from the keyboard plate.

Letters Scale

Adjust the letter size on buttons.

Letters Offset

Set the letter position on buttons.

BG Roundness

Adjust the roundness of the keyboard corners.

Letters Color

It's just the color, choose any color.

Buttons Color

Color or colour. Whichever you prefer.

Buttons Color Press

Set the color of a button when it's pressed.

Buttons Stroke Color

These strokes can also have their own color.

BG Color

The final color to end it all.

Animation Presets.

Select an animation that should be applied to a key when it is pressed. And yes, you can apply iOS animation even to a desktop keyboard.



Text & Keyboards.

Combine the text and keyboard to create a synchronized typing animation in one click.

Sound Effects.

Similarly to other things in this script, sound effects can be added in just as easily. Just select the sound files that you want to use and they’ll be automatically synced with the typing animation.

Included SFX.

8 sets of different sound effects are included.


Keyboard Sounds 1


The Text & Keyboards script takes all sounds that you selected and randomly chooses one for each keypress. The block below reproduces that effect.

Type something to listen:


Currently, the script has a list of limitations:

  • Only the QWERTY English language layout is supported.
  • Typing-text layers only support left-to-right text.
  • Typing-text layers must be left aligned.
  • Cursor may not work properly with BoxText layers (when you drag out an area with the Type tool and type inside that area). Use regular Text layers instead.

Watch Tutorial.

Panel Overview.

The Text tab of the script panel.
Text tab.
The Keyboard tab of the script panel.
Keyboard tab.
The Animation tab of the script panel.
Animation tab.

Text & Keyboards


What’s included:

  • .JSXBIN script file. Requires Adobe After Effects CC2018 or higher to be installed.
  • Installation and usage manual.
  • Video tutorial.
  • Sound FX. 87 .mp3 files.
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